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Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and cancellation of the Spring season of play in 2020, that there will be NO BCSSRU Scholarships offered in 2020

Scholarships shall be awarded to male students enrolled in Member Schools who apply, and who meet the criteria set out below.   There are two classifications of scholarships:

  • BC Secondary Schools Rugby Union Scholarships;  and
  • BC Secondary Schools Rugby Union / BC Rugby Referees Society Referee Scholarship

Section A:  BC Secondary Schools Rugby Union Scholarships

Eligibility and Criteria

Scholarships shall be awarded to graduating students proceeding to a full-time program of studies at an accredited Canadian university or college.
Candidates must demonstrate:

  • excellence in rugby;
  • strong scholastic achievement;  and
  • proven character, citizenship and leadership.

In addition to meeting the requirement of scholastic achievement, they will have been leaders within their school and/or community and have made a valued contribution to their school rugby program, though not necessarily have been selected for representative teams at the zone, provincial or national level.

Scholarship Availability

Subject to suitable applications being received, the Scholarship Committee shall ensure equitable representation for candidates from AAAA, AAA and AA schools, and from zones throughout the province.

Payment of Scholarship Funds

A scholarship will be paid to the successful applicants upon receipt by the BC Secondary Schools Rugby Union of proof of registration in a full-time program of studies at an accredited Canadian university or college.  Receipt of the award may be deferred for a period no longer than one (1) academic year.

Section B:  BC Secondary Schools Rugby Union / BC Rugby Referees Society Scholarship


One scholarship (valued at $500.00) shall be awarded to a graduating male student enrolled in a Member School who applies, and is proceeding to a full-time program of studies at a bona fide post-secondary institution approved by a Scholarship Committee representing both organizations.

Eligibility and Criteria

Candidates must demonstrate:

  • a strong interest in rugby refereeing by completing an IRB Officials Level 1 (Introductory Officiating) course;
  • strong athletic achievement;
  • good character traits and citizenship;
  • proven leadership within their school and/or community;  and
  • a valued contribution to their school’s rugby program.

Payment of Scholarship Funds

Redemption of the value of the scholarship must be completed by September 1st two years following school graduation.  Both of the following documents must accompany the claim for the scholarship:  Proof of registration at a post-secondary institution; and proof of completion of the Level 1 course as issued by the BC (or other Provincial) Rugby Referees Society.                                                       

Application Procedures

  1. Candidates for scholarships in Sections A and B must complete a BCSSRU Scholarship Application Form on-line (see below).  When you open the Scholarship Application Form from the BCSSRU website, you will see a shaded area in the fill-in field next to ‘Family Name’.  There is no need to click into this shaded field to begin filling in the form because, as you type, your text will automatically override the shading.  This shaded area will appear in all subsequent fill-in fields as you tab through the form.  Please note that the specific fields in Sections A, B, C, E, F and G will automatically expand to accommodate all of the information you wish to provide.
  2. Download the completed form, sign the Candidate Declaration section and have an administrator (Principal or Vice-Principal) complete the Endorsement section.
  3. Attach the following mandatory documentation in support of your application:
  • A 400 to 500 word essay (minimum of three paragraphs) relating your experience in rugby to the concept of ‘Overcoming Adversity’.  Please note that you are expected to fulfill the requirements of your scholarship application by submitting an essay written at the university entrance level.
    Scholarship Application Mandatory Essay
  • a letter from a school administrator (or his/her designate) certifying character, scholastic achievement and school citizenship; 
  • a letter from the school coach certifying leadership, sportsmanship and, in particular, the level of rugby ability; 
  • a transcript of grades showing percentages for all grade ten, eleven and twelve courses completed, as well as interim percentages for all courses in progress;  and
  • a 2 in. x 3 in. (head and shoulders) photo.